Players and Pancham – A tribute to the musical maestro in a sportstastic way

Paulami Chakraborty / 28 June 2015

Two things that Indians are entirely crazy about are – Cricket and Bollywood. Bollywood is one of the largest film-production industries of the world and also one of the few who produce musicals so frequently as regular. While, Bollywood and music stands inseparable, there have been maestros who modernized bollywood music and made it acceptable around the globe. R D Burman, surely is one of those, who contributed massively in the globalization. Post his 66th birthday, here goes a funlist of his songs that seem apt to describe the ‘men in blue’.

Rohit Sharma – Roz roz ankhon tale ek hi swapna chale:

The 28 year old Indian opener set a new world record by hitting two double tons, 264 being the highest ODI run made by anyone. Looking at his love for double tons, it seems like he fosters dreams of hitting a double ton everyday. So the RD Burman classic fits perfect to his name.

Shikhar Dhawan – Yamma yamma

The ever enjoying, ever chilling, dancing bhangra on the pitch- it’s Gabbar of Indian cricket team that we are talking about. Same as his way of playing is his attitude- straight, entertaining and devastating. ‘Tomorrow is not guaranteed, live life today’ is what the first few lines of the songs say and that’s what goes along with gabbar’s image- Pancham perfect !

Virat Kohli-Chura liya hain tumne jo dil ko

His stare, his brown eyes, his style, his personality, his picturesque strokes – all make Indians ( read girls) go gaga about him. Yes, it’s Virat ‘hot-head’ Kohli, the charm factor of Indian cricket. Ever since he started playing for the national team, it is believed that, the way of Indian batting has got a drift and positive changes too. He has won many a hearts and as we all hope he gets back in his groove to play like wow again, we sing and Pancham da taught us- ‘Badalke meri tum zindegani, kahi badal na jana sanam.’

Suresh Raina- Raina beeti jaye, shaam na aye

No no, it’s not because the song starts with his surname, the reason is hiding in the following lines. Season after season, the team went through changes and replacements leaving one name constant – Suresh Raina. His consistent form with bat and even ball has made his position in the team permanent. So the evening of his career is far, faaar away!

Ravindra Jadeja-Duniya mein logo ko dhokha kabhi ho jata hain

Looking at his ICC ranking as an all-rounder, the nation put its hopes on his shoulder for the ICC ODI world cup 2015, which he failed to fulfil. Not only that, this Gujrati off-breaker, despite of getting lots and lots of chances to make an impact, is yet to get his form back. Sure, people get befooled at times, don’t they?

MS Dhoni – Dosto se pyaar kiya ( shaan )

And after his boys comes the leader of the pack, the cool and calm keeper-skipper – Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has had his bad times, haters and everything negative one can think of but ultimately, he proved his potential. He made us proud by leading the team to win ICC ODI World Cup 2011 and the T20 world cup as well. Whatever he does, he does it in a unique manner and not to forget- shaan se!

We love sports and we love music too, especially the one who has provided us with so many timeless music- Salute to you, Mr. Rahul Dev Burman.

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