Satire: Players who have lived upto their tag in recent times

Shashi / 13 January 2016

Whenever a youngster performs well, we tend to start comparing him with some legend of the game, often way too early. Expectations rise and many a times players get crushed with the burden of it. We bring you 3 players, who have lived up to the expectations, taking the path of the legends they are often compared to.

1: Yasir Shah & Shane Warne: Yasir had a sensational start to his International Test career and Pakistani fans went mad. They saw a Shane Warne in him. Even Warne spoke very high of him and expectations rose. He, to his credit continued to perform well and lead Pakistan’s bowling lineup in the UAE, leading them to Test wins.

But it was only after he took drugs that everyone was sure that he is definitely the next Shane Warne. Warne took it before 2003 World Cup. The only difference being that Warne related it to his mother giving him wrong medicine and Yasir relating it to taking his wife’s medicine by mistake.

2: Md. Shami & Zaheer Khan: India has always been a desert for pace bowlers and once we get someone with raw pace, we get excited. Shami promised a lot and the way he bowled in the World Cup, India seemed to finally found a bowler who can deliver it for them. He was long compared to Zaheer Khan, who undoubtedly in India’s best bowler since 2000. 

Zaheer has had a lot of problems with injury and the way Shami has been missing series with injuries, it’s high time that we label Shami as the next Zaheer. He has been out of the game because of injury, more than the time he has spent playing cricket on the field.

3: Kohli & Rohit Sharma – Sachin Tendulkar: Third on the list is Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Both of them are trying hard to take the tag of next Sachin Tendulkar. Rohit Sharma has been scoring centuries again and again, most importantly in a losing cause. This is not new for Indian cricket to see an opening batsman from Mumbai score a century and India losing the match.

On the other hand, Kohli has his own way of getting the ‘ Next Sachin’ tag. He is trying to do it by getting dismissed in nervous 90s. It will be interesting to see who finally gets it.

Note: This is just a piece of sarcasm and should not be taken seriously. The author is ready for discussion and you can contact him here

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