In Cricket, the batting positions matter very much in the context of the game and generally, the team which has a settled batting order becomes successful more often than not. Of all the batting positions, the number 3 position is considered to be one of the most important batting positions and the best batsmen are assigned the task of batting at number 3. The number 3 position is quite a tricky position to bat on as the batsman might face the new ball if the first wicket goes down early or he might come out to bat in the middle overs. He has to be mentally prepared to bat on any situation depending on the context of the game. Here we bring a list of the most successful batsmen at number 3 in international cricket, who have batted at number 3 for atleast 100 innings. We determine the most successful batsman by his average at the position.

  1. Sir Viv Richards (West Indies), Batting Average – 59.85 : He is still considered to be the best consistent attacking batsman the world has ever seen. He has been compared to Sehwag, Kohli and others but his stature remains unmoved as yet. He was one of the priceless talents in world cricket and contributed largely for West Indies through his batting.
  2. Hashim Amla (South Africa), Batting Average – 56.09: The South African test captain has been one of the most consistent batsmen for them. He has been in prime form and previously he used to bat at number 3 position for South Africa in tests. He has been equally successful in that position too.
  3. Brian Charles Lara (West Indies), Batting Average – 51.54: The picture perfect batsman for West Indies needs no introduction. He was a great batsman and performed brilliantly for his team. He is considered as one of the best left handed batsmen of all times. He won quite a few games for West Indies single handedly. He was equally consistent at the number 3 position in ODIs.
  4. Virat Kohli (India), Batting Average – 50.63: He has been one of the prime talents of Indian cricket. He has been significantly dependant in the batting order for India. He has struggled to find is form since the England tour but he came back quite strongly in the series against West Indies and scored a century batting at number 3 in India’s last match.
  5. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka), Batting Average – 50.39: He has been Sri Lanka’s prime strength in many occasions and he has been a prime performer himself. He batted strongly for his team and there were very few number of occasions when this left handed wicket keeper batsman failed to find his form. 

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