Run chases in ODIs are no simple thing. It adds up to the pressure during chasing as the chasing team needs to cope up with the required run rate and score accordingly for a successful chase. And as a matter of fact, it is being seen that there are many players, who are brilliant and pretty much destructive while batting first, fail considerably while chasing. However, there are some players who are exactly the opposite. They tend to play better under pressure and possess the ability of finishing the games single handed manner. Here is the list of players who average the best during successful chases. A minimum of 50 matches is set up as a constraint in this list.

  1.        MS Dhoni, 105.14: This is true. As a matter of fact, Dhoni averages over 100 during successful chases. He is a brilliant finisher and has the knack of staying right till the end of the innings. He has played 58 innings and scored a total of 2208 runs. Also, he remained unbeaten for as many as 37 times which is indeed phenomenal.
  2.        Michael Bevan, 86.25: He was yet another phenomenal and equally remarkable finisher for Australia and did win many matches for Australia in a single handed fashion. He batted for a total of 45 innings out of 75 successful chases in which he was involved and remained unbeaten on 25 occasions. He scored a total of 1725 runs during successful chases.
  3.        Virat Kohli, 86.08: Kohli has been superb when it comes to successful chases. He has as many as 13 centuries while chasing on successful causes. This is simply remarkable. Also, he has batted for 54 innings and scored a total of 3185 runs during chasing.
  4.        AB de Villiers, 79.50: The sensational South African batsman has been a star performer for them. He is also regarded as one of the best finishers in modern day Cricket. He batted in 50 innings and scored a total of 2226 runs.
  5.        Michael Clarke, 77.42: He has been a phenomenal middle order batsman for Australia for quite sometime. He played a total of 50 innings during the team’s successful chases and scored a total of 2013 runs with his personal best of 105*.



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