Have you seen explosives in cricket ground? Ok, let me clear it first. I am not talking about fatal life taking bombs. I am talking about those cricketers who used their bat as a bazooka in the cricket ground. We are going to discuss about those players who got test hundreds most times in less than 100 balls. Let’s focus on those players.

7. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan): The ‘Boom Boom’ man is at the bottom of the list.  Shahid Afridi is a compulsive basher, literally unable to control his urges to slog every ball that comes his way, and not much of it is classical. Often spectacular results are at hand. Maturity has often threatened to gatecrash his career and leadership was a just reward, though it was taken away from him in 2011 after an immature spat. He is at 7th position in this list as he scored 3 test centuries off less than hundred balls.  

6. Brian Lara (West Indies): He is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest batsmen of his era. No-one since Bradman has built massive scores as often and as fast as Lara in his pomp.  Even his stance was thrilling – the bat raised high in the air, the weight poised on a bent front knee, the eyes low and level. In the space of two months in 1994, Lara’s 375 and 501 not out broke world records for the highest Test and first-class scores, but sudden fame turned him into a confused and contradictory figure. He got 3 test centuries which is scored off less than 100 balls. He is standing at number 6th position.

5. Kapil Dev (India):  Kapil Dev was a natural striker of the ball who could hook and drive effectively. A naturally aggressive player, he often helped India in difficult situations by taking the attack to the opposition. He captained the Indian cricket team which won the 1983 Cricket World Cup. He hit 8 centuries. Out of 8 centuries, 3 centuries are scored off less than hundred balls.

4. Ian Botham (England):  Ian Botham was a genuine all-rounder with 14 centuries and 383 wickets in Test cricket. Botham also held a number of Test cricket records. Dominant and domineering, Ian Botham was not merely the top English cricketer of the 1980s but the leading sports personality. He hit 14 test centuries. He hit 3 centuries among those 14 test centuries 3 centuries are scored off less than hundred balls.

3. Chris Gayle (West Indies): Are you aware of this term ‘Gayle Storm’? Chris Gayle is the man who is the creator of this storm. Among his many strengths, perhaps the biggest one is his outstanding hand-eye coordination, which allows Gayle to regularly hit even good-length deliveries for boundaries. Technique and footwork aren’t his greatest assets, but most often he compensates with other skills. He got 15 centuries among those 4 centuries are scored off less than hundred balls.

2. Adam Gilchrist (Australia): The left hander Australian standing at 2nd place in this list. His devastating nature on the field brought him into this list.  He was simultaneously a cheerful throwback to more innocent times, a flap-eared country boy who walked when given not out in a World Cup semi-final, and swatted his second ball for six while sitting on a Test pair. “Just hit the ball,” is how he once described his philosophy on batting, and he seldom strayed from it. He got 6 centuries scored off less than hundred balls.

1. Virender Sehwag (India): Virender Sehwag is considered as the most unorthodox batsman of the era. He does not follow the grammars, he is the god gifted player who does not care about footwork. He is at 1st position in this list. He scored 23 tons in his test career. Among those 23 centuries 7 centuries scored off less than hundred balls.



Player Name


No of test centuries scored off less than 100 balls

Virender Sehwag



Adam Gilchrist



Chris Gayle

West Indies


Ian Botham



Kapil Dev



Brian Lara

West Indies


Shahid Afridi





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