It won’t be wrong to state that Pakistan as a cricket team has underachieved greatly since the last decade. Barring their 2009 World T20 triumph, the Pakistanis have not achieved any substantial success. A major reason for that is the fact that the Pakistanis have to play their “home matches” in UAE owing to teams not willing to tour Pakistan on account of security measures.


Coach Waqar Younis highlighted the same aspect in his report after Pakistan’s dismal outing in the ICC World T20 in India. Younis said that it wasn’t ideal for Pakistan to play their home games away from home. “It’s not that roots have always been weak in the country.  Cricket not being played here in Pakistan is one of the many problems but we have to take care of our stadiums and domestic cricket to get it going,” Waqar said.


“Yes not having international cricket in Pakistan did make an impact and disturbed the roots of cricket. Whatever you have made in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, a home away from home, isn’t really a solution. India and other countries are producing cricketers by playing at home grounds. Cricket the game isn’t for stars, it’s a game for heroes. We often mix it as you may see a star doing TV ads but cricket is played by heroes and those who play the game don’t see other things around. So we want heroes and not the stars.”


Regarding his own future as Pakistan’s coach, Younis said, “My future as coach isn’t relevant. Why is there a sense that Pakistan cricket is linked with my future? It is definitely not. I had a stint previously as well and I am here again but I may not be there in the future and someone else may come in. The point is, I am not the problem. We have to find the real problem.”

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