Thanks to modern day technology, the information regarding our cricketing heroes is just a click away. Be it their birthday, favorite food or current love interest, just put in on a search engine and press enter. But there are few things that even world wide web cannot provide because the information went obsolete even before the internet could catch up to that. But we have that for you.

Here is one such list of top five Indian cricketers whose real name is unknown to most people.

Kirti Azad

Kirti Azad Member of the prestigious 1983 World Cup Winning squad, Kirti Azad joined politics like his father after his cricketing career was over. But what most people don’t know is that his name is not just Kirti Azad, but Kirtivardhan Bhagwat Jha Azad.

Vijay Merchant

Vijay Merchant The player whose first class records make people compare him with Sir Donald Bradman, Vijay Merchant is not really Vijay Merchant but Vijay Thackersey.

Vijay was in school when his teacher asked him his father’s name. He misheard name to the profession to which he answered ‘Merchant’ and that is how he got his surname. Even his children also carried forward the surname Merchant instead of Thackersey.

Lala Amarnath

The first test captain of independent India, the first Indian to score a test hundred, Lala Amarnath surely is a father figure in the history of Indian Cricket. But not many know that neither is his name Lala nor is his real surname Amarnath but his real name is Nanik Amarnath Bhardwaj. But he became popular with the surname Amarnath just like his son Mohinder Amarnath (Bharadwaj).

Harbhajan Singh

The ‘turbanator’, though popularly known as Harbhajan Singh, has another surname that never came to light. The real family name that Harbhajan inherited is Plaha, making his name Harbhajan Singh Plaha. But the player never used that name so much making it quite an unknown fact about it.

Yuvraj Singh

The hero behind India’s 2011 World Cup victory? People Would in unison utter Yuvraj Singh. But what if it is said that it is not his real name? Yes, Yuvraj and his father Yograj both inherited the surname Bhundel which they never really mentioned and just like the balls that Yuvraj hit for six, this surname went lost making Singh his known surname.

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