Preity Zinta : Not selling my stake in Kings XI Punjab

Shashi / 23 June 2014

Actress Preity Zinta, has ruled out selling her stake in IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab. She has filed a police complaint against former boyfriend and business partner Ness Wadia alleged him for molestation. Preity labeled the news of her planning to settle in United Stated as rumor.

She also greeted thanks to the Fan who supported her throughout these days. She did not boast her anger on Media but clearly mentioned that she did not want their speculation in her life. She recently twitted and made it clear that she is not going to sell her co ownership of Kings XI Punjab. She also mentioned I that tweet that she would not settle in United States. She had some work in United States but returned in few days.

Her words regarding media Speculation are like – “So called sources says anything and it’s getting reported. Please no hearsay. There are many important issues that are much more news worthy”. Media always magnifies the news which has happened in the real world. She said that she does not want that media emphasize her life, her complications in their report.

For couple of years her Bollywood career was not going well and she was focused by media wearing Kings XI Punjab Jersey and waving the Kings XI flag, but this year time she is focused in IPL as her team performed best in it, along with she was focused in Court too. She was having an issue with Ness Wadia. All these above mentioned rumors has risen for this issue.

Preity had filed a police complaint against Ness Wadia on June 12 about the alleged incident that took place inside Wankhede stadium on May 30 when an IPL match was played between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings.

What happened that night of 30th May,2014 ?

Ness was reacting too much so Preity told him to calm down but he yelled at her and tied to pull her grabbing her hand tightly as she did not want to create any scenario , she left her sit. At the end of the match he Ness abused her in front of many people. These insulting behaviors of prince of Wadia was demeaning for her personality, for her carrier.

Let see how their relationship was!

Zinta dated the Bombay Dyeing heir, businessman Ness Wadia from February 2005, but their relationship did not last and they broke off in 2009. Form that time they became friend not love birds. They did not mixed up their professional life with their personal life. So they worked together in KXIP.

But these recent activity has risen another question, will they continue their friendship or this is the end of their every relationship.


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