Preity Zinta slams people targeting IPL

Krishna Chopra / 21 April 2016
Preity Zinta slams people targeting IPL

The functioning of the much spoken about Indian Premier League has rather been controversial, with several sections of the society questioning the league. Recently, the cash-rich tournament was involved in the Maharashtra drought crisis and as a result of a PIL filed to prohibit games from being held in Maharashtra, the scheduled matches had to be shifted out of the state.

In the latest move, Kings XI Punjab co-owner and Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has defended the IPL and slammed the individuals targeting the league. Zinta openly questioned the move behind shifting IPL games out of Maharashtra and said that the tournament was being made a soft target.

“I have complete respect for the judiciary. But I have a question as to what all those people who have filed PIL done to resolve this crisis in Maharashtra. Let me tell you that I have worked extensively in a Maharashtra village for the well-being of elderly people. This is not as KXIP owner or as an actress but it is as Preity the person that I am. This is my responsibility towards the society,” said Zinta.

Zinta also said that due to the IPL being targeted, individual team brands took a hit as well. “Yes, it does affect the brand and it is unfair to the owners. It affects our business as every year there is some controversy or some rumours that come up. I believe at one level IPL has become a whipping boy for many,” Zinta said.

Speaking of her own team’s chances, Zinta said, “We stuck to our core team despite last year’s performance as this is the same group that got us in the final in 2014. Last year, our bowling was a bit weak but we have tried to strengthen that area. I am hopeful that we would be doing well.”

She concluded by saying that the IPL had paved a way for leagues in other sports such as Badminton, Football, and Hockey to commence. “Thanks to the IPL, we now have a Kabaddi League, the ISL, the Badminton League, the Hockey league (HIL),” Zinta said.

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