The Mudgal committee has endured the confidential report to the Supreme Court on suspicious corruption outrage in the sixth season of Indian Premier League. The report likely includes the ‘inverified’ accusations against 12 or 13 players, and not only six as said.

All these participants are connected to Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals and three other squads. The owners of these two sides are already under doubt and they have been enquired in the match-fixing outrage.

This indicates that the darkness of the scandal still hovers on the players from five of the eight teams in the T20 tournament and many things has yet come to the scene. Delhi Police investigators have pinned up the same lines when they put in motion the investigation into the match-fixing and betting corruption.

Retired Punjab and Haryana HC chief justice Mukul Mudgal who is chairing the three-member panel button down the accusations made by witnesses, it examined as “unverified”, and posited them to the courtroom in a sealed cover.

Aside from the players from the three teams, the office agents were also involved, listed in the confidential accounts. “These are top office-bearers who have been closely involved in the formation of the IPL for several years,” said a source familiar with the allegations in the story. The report also likely to include accusations, which was based on record evidences of spectators against the owners of teams aside from RR and CSK.

Nevertheless, the sources brought up that the probe committee has maintained a careful approach to the Supreme Court as the names in the list and the allegations against them have not yet been checked up. The 84-page main report was submitted in tenacity to clinch that name of players, IPL officials and team owners did not get loaded before an enquiry.

The probe committee did not arrive at any acknowledgment of the confidential Annexure in the report presented to the apex court in February. The control board went over again the report as the betting and match-fixing outrage has a ‘ring of truth’.

The apex court could feel the need for the exclusive investigating team in order to get through some particular charges. It entails that the team may consists members from agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate, the Income Tax department and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence.

Beside Mukul Mudgal the probe committee has included additional solicitor general L Nageswara Rao and senior advocate Nilay Dutta as members as the other two members. The committee was ushered in October 2013 in order to investigate the emulation of interest, match-making, betting in contrast to the owners of RR and CSK along with the huge picture of betting and sport-fixing in IPL matches of the previous year’s edition.

The jury had also read that the names of other national and international IPL players came up during their enquiry and this had not been probed by any means. The jury stated it could not establish a probe due to a “paucity of time”.

The Supreme Court is due to resume discovering the case on April 17, the day IPL-7 is scheduled to start.


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