In a controversial statement, South Africa coach Mike Horn says that the World Cup semi-final match line-up was changed to meet racial quotas.

Mike has said that such changes upset the balance of the team, eventually destroying their chances for the World Cup.

Mike Horn is the South African ‘high performance coach’ and has been working as such since 2011.

Mike was present in New Zealand and Australia to support the interests of the South African team as a motivational speaker.

Vernon Philander, who was injured at the time, was also included in the line- up, leaving out Kyle Abbott.

Phillander would be included in a group which would include black Africans, mixed race peoples and Asian descent people. Thus the number of people included in the category would be four.

That is exactly the number of mandatory ethnic diverse group that was required in South African teams before the law was repealed in 2007.

Either way, Mike says that now the past is the past, and they should just focus on giving back more than ever in the past.

Many reports indicate that the change in line up occurred as a direct order from the Cricket South Africa(CSA)

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