The functioning of the much debated Decision Review System (DRS) has been under the scanner right from the beginning. Recently, in an interview with ESPN Cricinfo, India’s ace off spinner R. Ashwin felt that the DRS was a mere tool for the umpires to escape from poor decisions. Ashwin added that the “umpires call” aspect in LBW decisions was making life just difficult for the bowlers.

“Personally speaking, I don’t agree with the concept of umpire’s call,” Ashwin said. “If I have two reviews, and I take one of them, and you have already judged it not out, the odds of it being not out are 99%. Is DRS umpire protective or player protective?”

The lanky off spinner also added that in order to review decisions, no captain would be aware if the ball was within the “Umpire’s Call” limit. “Cricketers are not rocket scientists,” he said.


“Let’s keep it that simple. Do you think in 15 seconds the captain standing at mid-off will be able to say it is not umpire’s call? If you want to make the game a better place, either trust the technology completely or don’t,” Ashwin questioned.

Ashwin was also quizzed about India’s take on the DRS and would the side use it in the near future, if need? “Not been too many discussions on those lines. Maybe these Test matches could trigger the fact that we might look at DRS. You never know,” said Ashwin.



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