Well, former Indian captain and the legendary Rahul Dravid is known for expressing his fair opinion on the matters related to the game of cricket in a rather bold manner. He always prefers to share his views upfront based on the merit of the case, without favor or fear.

During recent times in the ongoing IPL’s 8th edition, one of the prime contenders, Kolkata Knight Riders are hoping that their celebrity bowler Sunil Narine will facilitate a strong comeback. However, Rajasthan Royals’ mentor Rahul Dravid today has come out in full support of the BCCI move to eradicate ‘chuckers’ from the Indian Premier League.

Without indulging himself in pointing out individual names, the veteran cricketer said this decision of eradicating bowlers with ‘dodgy’ bowling actions should send a loud and clear message to the grass root level, as the coaches can take corrective measures so that the bowler rectifies it at an early phase of his cricketing life.

Rahul Dravid, while answering a query regarding banning of off spin bowling Sunil Narine by the BCCI, said, “I don’t want to focus on individuals. But I do support BCCI and ICC (International Cricket Council which has also cracked down on chucking) in eradicating bowlers with dodgy actions. I support it for a variety of reasons. People talk about these bowlers getting punished, but what about batsmen who face them and whose careers get ruined? What about other bowlers who have clean action but are sidelined in favour of these bowlers and are then lost to the game.”   

Dravid opined that this particular issue needs to be addressed seriously at the junior and schools level by the players’ coaches. He emphasized, “We all can see this particular bowler has a different action, a dodgy action. What’s to be done about it. You have to correct him at the junior level. The message has to percolate to the grassroots level of the game. There was a time in Indian domestic cricket there were so many bowlers with dodgy action. It’s good that they have now decided to eradicate it. I welcome it”.

Dravid also made it clear that he cannot comment on news reports tying him to an advisory job with the Indian team as he’s yet to hear anything of this nature from the BCCI. He clarified, “I have read it in the newspapers. I can’t comment on it as I don’t know anything on the issue.”

It is pertinent to add that the BCCI, at its working committee meeting, had authorized their President Jagmohan Dalmiya to constitute a cricket advisory committee comprising prominent cricketers who will share their recommendations on the overall conduct and development of the game. Dravid’s name, along with those of his erstwhile India teammates Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly, were mentioned in some reports as those who would be inducted into the panel.

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