Rakhi Sawant always finds her way in the news headlines. She once again stirred a controversy in which she confessed her love for Indian Test Cricket Team captain Virat Kohli. She claimed to possess a serious threat to his rumoured girlfriend Anushka Sharma.

At a recent event she spoke to media person and openly confessed her love for Virat  and said that she like Virat Kohli and  Anushka hasn’t confessed publicly about her love for Virat  but she is confessing her love for the young cricketer and openly said that she is in love with Virat. She also added that as Anushka has not accepted Virat’s love openly, she would like to express her love for the captain of the Indian Test team.

Rakhi also sarcastically commented on Anushka’s rumoured lip job, she said that she like Virat a lot because she wants him to make her lips swell. She also added that if Virat can make Anushka’s lips swell then make her lips swell too. We have to wait and see how Virat would respond to Rakhi’s open confession of her love for him.

Rakhi confessed her love for Virat at a spa launch in Mumbai.

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