Ravi Shastri Cliches

Nikhil Deshpande / 24 July 2014

We have a love/hate relationship with cliches. Although we complain about them, we are enamored with them. That’s because they always seem to fit. It’s very common to find people repeating that some old line at different instances on various occasions at each and every possible chance. Ravi Shastri would certainly make the cut with his Cliches.

Sports commentary is one of the biggest victims of Clichés and it is here to stay. There are many cricket commentators who have built their own niche or a style of commentary and eventually you realize that say commentator ABC is going to use the line “XYZ” at a particular situation.

In cricket, we have many commentators who do this but one name stands out from the rest. Ravi Shastri had made some of his lines as famous cricket Cliches. People just know it’s a Ravi Shastri Cliche when they hear one.  

So here is a collection of the Top Ravi Shastri Cliches that we are so used to hearing during commentary –

1. And the news from the center is…

2. That’s just what the doctor ordered

3. The atmosphere is electrifying

4. It’s funny how in T20 cricket one over can change the game

5. That’s sweetly timed

6. That would really set the cat among the pigeons

7. The odd ball will keep low

8. Will do his confidence a world of good

9. This will go down to the wire

10. No half-measures here

11. The finger has gone up

12. He’s no mug with the bat

13. Edged…and taken!

14. And he’s given it the full monty

15. He’s dealing in boundaries here

16. At this stage all three results are possible

17. He’s thrown the kitchen sink at it

18. That takes the aerial route

19. The ball is gone like a tracer bullet

20. Just get a feeling something’s gotta give

21. He’s flashed and flashed hard

22. In the end cricket was the winner

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