No drinking  water, fresh food and electricity, this is the current scenario of Chennai.  India’s one of the biggest metro city Chennai has suffered the worst ever flood in the history of last 100 years. People are waterlogged, rescue operation dismantled, North Chennai is isolated as the water level is higher than any other places of Chennai.

Heavy November rains caused all havoc in India’s one of the biggest presidency. When the entire country embracing winter, the Chennai rain came as a shock to rest of India. The mainstream media gave a skip a to Chennai flood, they did not find batter way to tell the gravity of pain Chennaites have been enduring. Some have taken the image of an airplane, which was floating in the runway. But, all that came to too late.

The 137 years old reputed daily The Hindu failed to publish their edition, as press department was under water and personnel of the department failed to come at the office as roads have been water logged. People have been fighting with nature’s fury to survive. 

The municipality and state government was unprepared for this natural calamities. For those who suffered this kind of natural calamities only can understand what Chennaities have been suffering from.

When national media did not find any “space” and “time” Chennaites took the social media to inform the world about their perils.

As a community, Chennaities are doing what they can. As Chennai sinks under water, the corporate storytelling and the difference between real charity becomes clear.  The  biggest mobile phone network of the country BSNL launched “free” service when the entire city faced a blackout. The Press Information Bureau had to photoshop an image of prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Chennai, which drawn criticism.

When the corporates and politicians are busy with exploit the situations India cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin and Murali Vijay, who played a crucial role in India’s 2-0 series victory over South Africa, are devasted with the deteriorating situations back home. They are serving their country with pain in the heart.

Rain continues in Chennai though the airport expected to resume the partial operation today, Ashwin and Vijay are unsure when they will be able to return their home after the end of Delhi Test. 

Their families starnded in Chennai flood. Ashwin said, “I feel so helpless as my family is stranded in Chennai.”

Ravichandran showed his sympathy for his city on twitter, but he don’t know how he goes back home as train and flight services are defunct. 

Ravichandran Ashwin, “Weather update looks okay, hope flight resumes its services and city gets back to its feet.”  When National Disaster Response Force are facing the fury of chest level water Chennatiteis as the community came on the road to help the NDRF team.

Ashwin felt proud for his natives, he said, “What made me happy as a Chennaite was that the community really stood up &common man won at the end.”

Indian opener Murali Vijay, who has been the highest run scorer for India with 210 runs, is devasted with the flood. He can’t wait anymore. After watching the images of pains, he announced, “ I was shocked. Once I come back to Chennai, I will do whatever I can, to help.”

The month-long rain, that caused this worst natural disaster in 100 years history, also affected Tamil Nadu’s Ranji Trophy fortune. Last year’s runner-up failed to qualify for the quarterfinal.

Parvinder Awana prayed to the God to bring back normalcy in Chennai, “My thoughts & prayers are with the people of Chennai. Hope the rains stop soon n life begins to return to normalcy.” 

Indin batsman Ajinkya Rahane, who scored a hundred in the Delhi Test, also offered his support, “Our prayers are with the Chennai flood victims. Some of the players’ families are in Chennai, so we can actually feel the pain and an emotional connect with the victims. I pray for the safety of those stranded.”

Watch the video of Rahane, Ashwin and Vijay’s heartfelt message to the victims of Chennai flood

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