Ravichandran Ashwin faces electricity problems and complains to TNEB

Nagendra / 10 September 2016

Indian top spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was left frustrated with the electricity problems in his native home. He took to twitter to express his dissatisfaction over the power cuts and the unavailability of a transformer in their street for over 10 years.

Ashwin, who has been in the headlines for his stellar performances for India over the past few years, has complained TNEB (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board) about his problems.

“Dear TNEB can u help me with my Electricity at home.I pay my taxes properly and promptly. For more than 10 years we don’t have a transformer,” the 29-year-old tweeted.

“The entire street hasn’t had a transformer for more than 10 years.Anyone out there who can help?”

Incidentally, this became the second time in less than 24 hours that Ashwin has expressed his dissatisfaction over the proceedings as he was involved in a heated verbal argument with Sai Kishore in a TNPL match between Dindigul Dragons and Chepauk Super Gillies.

Sai Kishore got super aggressive and pushed Jagadeeshan after picking his wicket which created quite a scene in the match with senior players and umpires sorting out things.

Speaking after the match, Ashwin said: “They are all young kids and it all happened in the heat of the moment. Also, Kishore bowled very well to take the wicket of Jagadeesan. At that stage, anybody would get pumped up and that’s what happened. Both the captains did very well to diffuse the situation, and it is not called for, but then we need to give them a bit of levy.”

With Ashwin’s complaint, an immediate action is expected to be taken by TNEB as he is one of the biggest celebrities in Tamil Nadu. This would help not only the star cricketer and his home but always will reduce the electricity problems for his community.