Ajinkya Rahane
10 interesting facts about Ajinkya Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane has been India’s most consistent and prolific test batsman across all conditions and oppositions in recent times. The elegant right hander has already notched up 6 test centuries in just 22 tests and that count is bound to rise in the near future. As India brace for 17 test matches over the due course of the next few months, Rahane will hold the aces for the Indians as far as batting is concerned.

In his recent interview with TOI, Rahane stated that he was quite upbeat about the upcoming 17 tests and was gearing up for a rigorous season. Below, are the excerpts from the interview.

On the upcoming tests:

I am really excited about these 17-18 Tests in the coming year. But at the moment I am only looking at the West Indies series where we will play four Tests. I always like to prepare myself really well and stay two-three steps ahead of my opposition so that I can outplay and dominate them. My preparation has been really good and I always give importance to minute details.

His role as the vice captain of the side:

I am really excited about this new role. I am not the type of a guy who will go to the captain each and every time and tell him certain things. But I just want to be prepared all the time so that when Virat comes to me I should have an answer for his question.

As I said, everyone is different. Being aggressive is actually very good for Virat because it comes very naturally to him and he can get the best out of himself. For me, being calm and composed has really helped me on and off the field. But our combination has been really good. We enjoy each other’s company be it on the field and while batting. We discuss cricket during practice sessions, during the game and also on flights.

His approach towards batting under pressure:

When I go out to bat in that sort of a situation, my mindset is always to give the first 30 minutes to the bowlers. Just respect them, just try and see what the wicket is doing and then score runs all the time. If I am batting on 25-30 odd, I always want to score runs. I bat at No. 5 and it’s important to score at the number because sometimes you bat with the lower order or the bowlers.

That’s what I learnt from VVS Laxman and even MS Dhoni who have batted with the tail-enders. It’s important to score runs in Tests with the lower-order and the bowlers because the partnerships you get with them actually frustrates the opposition.

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