Reasons Why Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a Standout Bowler

Editor Sportzwiki / 11 November 2014

2014 LG People Choice winner Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the type of player India are looking for over the years. Pace Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been making some huge waves ever since he made his debut has been loved by people across the globe. This could be evident by the way he won the ICC award which is chosen by the votes casted by the fans. His performances in the recent past has earned him the name of a leading pace bowler at present. Here are the reasons why Bhuvneshwar Kumar stands out as a bowler.

The way he swings the ball

He is one of the very few bowlers who can swing the ball both the ways. Those who watched his T20 and ODI debuts against Pakistan in Bangalore and Chennai respectively would know how deadly Bhuvneshwar Kumar can be with his swing. He first brought the ball a long way into left hander Nasir Jamshed and few overs later he did the same to right-handed Umar Akmal. His first wicket of Mohammad Hafeez is a prime example as the latter simply shouldered arms to an incoming delivery. Since then, he has been troubling the batsmen with his swing. As Bhuvneshwar bowls majority of the overs within the first 20 overs of an ODI, Bhuvneshwar keeps the batsmen guessing about the swing, put pressure on them to take on him and finally succeeds.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar not only swings the ball, but also has the ability to hit the right line and length consistently. He has a pin point accuracy which makes him stand out among the other Indian bowlers. This is one of the reasons why he is economical in ODIs.

Ability to bowl Yorkers consistently

It is very rare for an Indian pacer to bowl Yorkers consistently. In modern day cricket, Yorker is the lethal weapon against the batsmen as the game is more tilted towards them with small boundaries, new field restrictions and the bats they use. Bhuvneshwar can bowl Yorkers straight into the toes of batsmen and scraps them for room. He hardly bowls in the slog overs in ODI’s as his quota will be completed by the batting power play.

Keeping his mind calm and composed

A good bowler won’t drop his cool after getting hit for boundaries inspite of bowling a good delivery. It might hamper his confidence which results in loss of his rhythm while bowling. Bhuvi is such a king of bowler who never loses his tempo and remain calm and composed even if he is hit for boundaries. This makes him to bowl with better accuracy whenever he comes on to bowl.

Choke down the scoring-rate

Even if all the bowlers concede some huge runs on a batting paradise, Bhuvneshwar will stick to his line and length and bowl some tight overs. The IPL encounter between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Pune Warriors India is a prime example. It was a Chris Gayle onslaught as he scored 175 runs smashing all the Pune bowlers out of the park. But Bhuvi ended up with an economy of 5.75 in that innings, less than half of the other bowlers had in that innings.

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