Revealed: When Rohit Sharma Almost Slapped Ravindra Jadeja

Revealed: When Rohit Sharma Almost Slapped Ravindra Jadeja

Rohit Sharma
Photo Credit: IPL/BCCI.

Adventure runs on all sorts of sportspeople and when it comes to the Indian cricket team, there is no looking back. Recently, Team India went out on an African safari after losing the first two Test fixtures against South Africa, earlier this year.

Revealed: When Rohit Sharma Almost Slapped Ravindra Jadeja 1

Three cricketers- Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane and Ravindra Jadeja spotted a cheetah out in the open.

However, Rohit, Rahane and Jadeja were accompanied by their respective wives. While many would have advised frisking out of the place, Jadeja started making certain noises to attract the attention of the wild animal.

Mitchell Marsh, Ravindra Jadeja, Challenging Spell, India, Subcontinent, JLT Sheffield Shield, Western Australia,
Jadeja is placed second in the ICC Test bowling rankings. Photo Credit: AFP.

Indian cricketers left unharmed, Cheetah makes a move back:

The Cheetah though made a few moves but the left the scene without damaging anyone.

While narrating the incident at What The Duck show, Rohit said, “I remember many things during Safari and we had lots of fun. But one incident that took place was Cheetah walking. So, we thought that cheetah walking meant that we would be walking behind 2-3 cheetahs but we were actually in the jungle and we didn’t know what was around us.”
“And, the moment we reached there -me, Radhika (Rahane’s wife), Ritika (Rohit’s wife), Rohit and Jadeja – reached the centre of the jungle, there were two cheetahs who had just caught a prey. And when all of us reached there, they turned around and looked at us,” Rohit remarked.

Revealed: When Rohit Sharma Almost Slapped Ravindra Jadeja 2

The Rohit-Jadeja clash:

Rohit Sharma, the Indian Vice-captain in limited-overs cricket, said that he felt like punching Jadeja for his immature antics.

“The moment Jadeja started making noises, those cheetahs turned around to look at us. At that time, only I know what was going through my mind. I looked at Jadeja angrily and I felt like punching him but then I thought that it is necessary to stay calm now,” Rohit said.

Concluding India went on to win the third and final Test before sealing the One-day International and Twenty20 International series.