Chris Rogers would love to end his career with another Ashes win, as he gears up to lead Australia‘s charge next summer. 

The Australian Chris Rogers has scored four centuries and five fifties in the fifteen test matches he has played so far. In Ashes 2013-14 which Australia won 5-0, he registered two centuries and three fifties and moving on to the Ashes 2015, Rogers looks all set for another tussle with England. 

Chris Rogers quoted:

“I’ve not too much left in terms of my career, so I try to make the most of it as I can. Without a doubt, the Ashes 2015 would be a great way to finish I think.” 

Rogers also thinks that the team has learnt a lot from the Ashes 2013 which they lost 3-0 and is optimistic that team will do well this time in England. 

He also said:

“It was very enjoyable to be a part of it last year. We can come back here with a bit more confidence and more of a hope to win the series. If we do that it would be fantastic and an icing on the cake.” 

Australia is scheduled too play a total of five matches (1 vs Pakistan and 4 vs India) before the Ashes 2015 and this would provide Rogers a great chance to get into the groove for the last test of his life. 

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