Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has urged the umpires to not to intervene when the players are involved in the on field banter that stays within the limits. Rohit feels that players should be given the full freedom to express themselves in the heat of the moment as long as they don’t cross the limits. 

During a pre-IPL conclave conducted by umpire Simon Taufel, Rohit gave an open view of what he thinks about the on-field sledging: 

“When you’re on the field as a player or captain, there are certain things you want to avoid. When there is an intense game going on, the captain already has too much on his plate to think about,” Rohit said. “If the umpires come and talk to you about something else, you don’t want to get your head messed up further and lose focus from the game. I was asked about it and I gave them an honest answer. I am sure they will take it on board and do what is best not only for the officials but also the players.”

While Rohit expected the officials to respect the players’ space, he also made it clear that the sledging within the stipulated boundaries should be the case else, if the limits are crossed, the sport might lose its spark. 

“For the good of the game it is very important for the players and officials to gel together. We need to work together for the greater good of the game,” Rohit said. “There are boundaries that should not be crossed. As the captain, it is my job to ensure there is no indiscipline in the field from my players. Cricket is such a beautiful sport and we don’t want to spoil the fun of it by doing stupid things on the field that leads the focus to shift away from cricket.”


During a promotional event held after the pre-IPL conclave, Rohit was asked a question by a reporter to which he gave a brilliant reply. Here is the tweet of it: 


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