Gambhir thinks Rohit is more dangerous than Kohli
Gambhir thinks Rohit is more dangerous than Kohli

During the ‘Salaam Cricket’ event, Gautam Gambhir told that Rohit Sharma is a more dangerous player than Virat Kohli, especially in the IPL. When asked about MS Dhoni as a finisher, he said that one who bats till the end generally finishes the match, something Virat Kohli has also done a lot for India.

He was then asked about the current opening partners for India in the limited overs cricket and if they resemble him and Virender Sehwag, he said that they have the potential and have shown a lot of promise.

Gambhir also talked about the importance of spinners and the fact that they have won matches for India in the past and will remain vital in India’s chances in the upcoming T20 World Cup. On being asked to select a player who will be most important for India, he said that he doesn’t generally talk about individuals but Yuvraj Singh’s form will be the key for India in the upcoming T20 World Cup for India.

While talking about the teams for the upcoming T20 World Cup, he said that New Zealand is the team to watch out for. He feels that New Zealand and South Africa are title contenders alongside . When asked about his arguement with Virat Kohli in IPL 2013, he said that he is not on the field to make friends and he won’t shy away from having an arguement for anything he feels is right

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