JetSynthesys, the parent company of its gaming arm Playizzon, has released the ‘Sachin Saga Warm Up’ cricket game after legend Sachin Tendulkar gave his inputs to the digital company in making them understand cricket better while working on the game, which includes hint boxes when user plays an online game.

The Two-Over Powerplay:

Tendulkar is training players while having association with the Technology Company JetSynthesys.

Playizzon, an Indian-based game making company, has targeted Sachin’s game between the age group of 8 to 45 years. It has further stated that the game will be made available in six other languages to entertain the masses.

“The Sachin Saga Warm-up will serve as a prequel to ‘Sachin Saga’ where gamers across age groups can play an exciting new format of cricket digitally! I look forward to receiving the feedback as users play each delivery on its merit,” said Tendulkar.

Two players can compete in real time for Sachin Saga Warm Up game while playing the two-minute game, which is spread over two overs where you could get assistance from Tendulkar himself. Isn’t it interesting?

Play To Win:

Game lovers can play the game on their Facebook profile while it chooses random players across the globe.

The cricket game has borrowed 27 different shots – the way Tendulkar played on the cricket ground followed by his impressive shot selection.

The players will be rewarded by Tendulkar during the launch of Sachin Saga after garnering maximum points while playing the game.

“We feel the uniqueness of the 2-2-2 concept comes out beautifully through this game in today’s fast paced digital world where attention span and time are drastically reduced,” CEO and MD of JetSynthesys Rajan Navani said.

The full version of the game ‘Sachin Saga’ is expected to get released in the later quarter of the year.

The game will soon be launched on Apple store while January 12 marked its launch on Google Play store.

    Tahir Ibn Manzoor is a staffer at, who follows cricket like food after listening to running commentary on a transistor radio when he was only eight, and penned down the scorecard when he turned 11. He Tweets @TahirIbnManzoor

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