Saha is world class and deserves to replace Dhoni:  Kohli

Raj / 25 April 2015

India’s Test captain Virat Kohli has opined that Wriddhiman Saha deserves to be the wicket keeper of team India for tests. Although Kohli realizes that it is very difficult to replace someone like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, keeping in view his talent and experience.

When he was asked as to whom he trusts as ideal to replace Dhoni behind the stumps in the longer version, Kohli favored for the Bengal stumper. He said, ”It’s a huge responsibility for anyone to replace someone like MS Dhoni. I have learnt from him a lot. As far as replacements are concerned, there are keepers like Saha, Dinesh Karthik, Parthiv Patel and Sanju Samson. But if you ask me personally, Wriddhiman Saha deserves a go. He has played as replacement and we all know that he is a world class wicketkeeper. He is 30 now and he also realises that he needs a longer rope. I am excited about him and believe that he deserves to be India’s keeper for next 5-6 years.”

This statement of Virat Kohli means something as through this observation India’s Test captain made his choice clear. Sharing his view as a captain, Kohli said, “I believe in giving ownership of the team to everyone. I speak to all the players. To bring everyone on the same page, you need to treat different individuals differently. I am learning the ropes and probably also getting calmer.”

When a reporter asked whether now being a businessman would make him “calm”, and Kohli smilingly counter-questioned, “I will answer that when you tell me how is my calmness related to my business investment.”

Asked about any upcoming youngster, who has caught his attention in the IPL, Kohli named Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Haryana leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal as the “bowler to watch out for”. He described, “Yuzvendra Chahal according to me has a lot of confidence in his abilities. He is full of self belief and is ready to bowl to any field I give him. He was also our best bowler during the last season”.

On RCB’s performance, he added, “If you feel that it’s only when you play for India, a defeat would matter and when you are playing for a franchise, it’s not like that, then I think that’s a wrong attitude to play cricket. For me, each and every loss matters”.

On his team-mates, he said, “Actually Gayle was taking too much pressure on himself and thought that he has to perform in each and every game in the same manner. We have told him to go out there and play his game freely. It’s also our responsibility (him and De Villiers) and that’s why we are batting closer to each other. With AB, you don’t need to speak to him much. He knows his job. I told the owners last time during auction that I need Mitchell Starc. His graph has just grown in the last three months since the Test series against us and the World Cup. He is probably the best fast bowler in World cricket.”

It is heartening to see that Kohli has made a comeback in the last couple of matches.

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