Sandeep Patil snubbed from Indian team’s coach interview for unknown reason

Sankha Ghosh / 22 June 2016
Sandeep Patil claims he didn’t receive any invitation for interview

It came with an interesting development as the high-profile Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) on Tuesday simply overlooked the candidature of Selection Committee Chairman Sandeep Patil for Indian team’s coaching job.

Patil also revealed in an interview with PTI that he hasn’t received any kind of invitation from BCCI or the special Committee to make a presentation but he wished good luck to whoever is selected for the coveted job.

“No, I haven’t received any invitation,” Patil said.

While CAC member Sourav Ganguly confirmed that Tuesday’s one was the last round of interviews being conducted, it’s now quite clear that Patil’s candidature has been snubbed for an unknown reason.

When asked if there has been any communication from BCCI to inform him as to why he didn’t even get an opportunity to present his case, Patil revealed, “No news on that front as yet.”

However Patil insisted he has complete faith in the CAC which includes big names of Indian cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman.

“BCCI has a fabulous advisory Board and I am sure they will make the right choice. I will wish, whoever takes the charge — All The Best.”

Asked if he has any regret that he wasn’t even considered for an interview, one of the heores of the 1983 World Cup made his point clear as he refused to be drawn into the debate.

“No regrets and no complaints. I have been given more than I deserve by the BCCI. I have total confidence in BCCI advisory Board and know for sure that they will make the right choice,” Patil said.

However some reports are suggesting there has been different thought processes among the BCCI officials on Patil’s candidature.

Since he is working as a current Chairman, who has also played a key part while selecting the team for the West Indies tour, many thought that it’s not right to appoint someone who selects the team and then becomes its chief coach.

Patil’s term will end in September and if he had been called for the interview and selected, he would have straightaway jumped from one designation to another.

While Patil remains a success with the smaller teams like Kenya, whom he coached to 2003 World Cup semi-finals and also Oman, his only chapter with the Indian team lasted merely six months during which India lost ODI tournaments in Singapore, Sharjah, Sri Lanka and Canada barring the Tests and ODI series in England.

Interestingly, current CAC member Sourav Ganguly’s Test debut happened at the Lord’s in 1996 when Patil was the coach of the team.