Sanjay Manjrekar takes a dig at Navjot Sidhu for the latter’s politics in Punjab

Sudipta / 03 September 2016

Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar takes a dig at former Indian cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu on twitter. Sidhu yesterday formed a new party Awaz-e-Punjab with former Indian captain Pargat Singh after snubbing AAP as they refused to make Sidhu a CM candidate.

The AAP came into the fray of politics after the 2012 protests in Delhi. The founder of the party Arvind Kejriwal is now the Chief Minister of Delhi.

In the first Delhi election, Kejriwal’s AAP won 28 seats but failed to win an overall majority as BJP won 26 seats. So the Election Commission of India (ECI) called a reelection in Delhi and AAP brushed aside BJP winning 49 seats out of 70 and while incumbent Congress decimated to two seats.

That was the high of AAP, young people of India joined the party as they thought it would be the answer to their plight or answer to India’s plight-the corruption and misgovernance. But, in the middle of the year, 2016  AAP failed to do any concrete development for Delhi as a result people lost faith in them. And tussle with BJP government also affected the state financially.

Now a minister of Kejriwal’s government Sandip Kumar, who managed the Child, Women, and Dalit Ministry, was sacked by Kejriwal due to his involvement in a sex scandal. It is surely affected AAP’s image.

The former Indian cricketer Navjot Sidhu flirted with AAP in recent months like other people of Delhi observing positivity in AAP in this world of rotten politics.

Now, it is expected that Sidhu will contest in 2016 state assembly elections of Punjab, but Manjrekar wanted to make a point about the life of Sindhu, so he did, saying, “ My uncle keeps telling me one thing “People don’t change”. Watching Sidhu’s political moves recently, realized my uncle is so right.”

It is well known that Manjrekar and Sindhu shared a tense relationship during their stay at the Indian cricket team’s dressing room.