In what comes as shocking news to all the sports fraternity, the current Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi has just filed a lawsuit against the star footballer Lionel Messi who has just reversed his retirement decision and is all set to make a comeback to the international football. Messi who announced his retirement from international football in the month of June has decided to make a comeback to the international football.

When contacted and asked for the reason behind Afridi filing a lawsuit against Messi, Afridi said that “Bhai Dekho there are two reasons why I am filing suit against Messi. First reason is that Messi has made a copyright violation. We Pakistani’s have a habit of coming back from the retirement and no other player in the sports fraternity can do so without taking permission from us. Remember Imran Khan came back from retirement and I before reversing my decision got a certificate from him to do so whereas Messi never asked for a certificate, neither from Imran Khan and nor from me. Messi surely has some personal benefits behind revoking his decision”.

Adding to it he tells the second reason behind filing the suit and says “The second reason behind me filing suit against him is that the day he announced his retirement, everyone poked and pinched me to take retirement but I stood there and dealt with all the pressure. People trolled me like hell, I was so frustrated my name being in this matter but now see Messi is back and no one has thanked me. I have decided to sue him for Rs. 100 Crore for these two reasons and I think he will soon pay me for all the damages”.

Asked about his retirement plans Afridi said that “I will retire the day when we win the World Cup and the day we beat India in World cup. I am waiting for both the events to happen and the day it happens I will retire from international cricket, that time for sure”.

Going by this logic Shahid Afridi will never retire from international cricket as Pakistan beating India in world cup can never happen and Pakistan winning the world cup also looks an impossible event for few World Cup’s to come.

*This is a piece of satire just for fun and should be taken in the same spirit

    Sports lover and a Cricket fanatic.

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