The Supreme Court of India gave a historic verdict on the Lodha Committee recommendations to make the Indian cricket’s governing system transparent.  The Apex Court, meanwhile,  “permits Gujarat and Maharashtra to have three associations.”

But, for other Indian states “one state, one vote” will be applicable. And the recommendations of the LodhaCommitteee will be implemented within six months. “One state one vote in @BCCI must be implemented gives six months to implement all Lodha Committee reforms.”

SC also made it clear that no Indian minister will be the member of the BCCI. If he joins the BCCI as an ordinary cricket administrator and then become a minister of a state or union government, then the person will not have any right to be a member of the board.

However, the apex court left the decision to legalize betting in Indian territory to the union government. The Supreme Court said, the subject of betting is a matter which union government and “Indian parliament will examine whether betting can be legalized.”

SC also made it sure that people who are above 70 will not be eligible to contest for any post in the BCCI. “Nobody above the age of above 70 will office bearer of BCCI: Supreme Court.”

The issue of broadcasting rights has been left to BCCI. There is a much stir regarding the broadcasting right of the Indian matches and marquee tournaments. But Supreme Court wants the BCCI itself make a decision on the “broadcasting agreements”.

With an ambition to make the financial transaction of the BCCI transparent SC asks the BCCI to come under the CAG, as a result, all activities of BCCI  will be under RTI and any wrong-doing in the balance sheet will  hold the  person responsible who handle the treasury.

Coming under the purview of CAG means BCCI also have to give tax to the Indian government.

Speaking about the Supreme Court verdict Justice Lodha said,  “Its a great day for Indian cricket. I am sure that BCCI will implement the recommendations at the earliest.”

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