He might be one of the richest sportspersons in the country right now, but his childhood days were no different than the others. Indian test skipper Virat Kohli  is enjoying some time off from cricket and he used that  to spend some time with his fans and shared his childhood experiences at an event in New Delhi.

“For me, the vacations were all about aiming to finish my holiday homework in a week’s time. But funnily enough, it never worked out like that. I always sat two days prior to school reopening to finish it,” he said.


“When I was growing up, the idea of enjoying vacations was pretty basic and there wasn’t much to explore in terms of (arcade) gaming. I still remember one coin used to cost around Rs 10, allowing us just a little time to play at an arcade. There were only limited virtual arcade cabins and they were too expensive and beyond our budget. Besides this, my usual fun activity involved playing cricket or badminton with friends and people in my society.”

He adds, “In earlier times, playing games was a very organic process since you could just go outdoors and play. These days you have many exciting virtual games at your disposal.”


When asked about which place is easier to score a century-Chinnaswamy Stadium or gaming arcade, the right-hander said: “Chinnaswamy stadium it is! I have gotten used to playing there as compared to a gaming arena.”

The dashing batsman also said that he has around 50-60 nicknames.

“My teammates call me ‘Cheeku’, but at home, my family has given me too many nicknames. Your mum would call you something and then your brother and sister would call you something else.

“But, yes they call me ‘Veeru’ at home mostly. I have some 50-60 names. Whatever comes to their mind and heart, but mostly, Veeru,” Kohli said.

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