A 15-year-old boy from Mumbai school cricket has become an overnight hero after his 1009 runs in an innings in school cricket match in Mumbai on Tuesday. Pranav Dhanawade the son of an autorickshaw driver broke the 117-year-old record of highest score in any form of cricket. It will not be staggering to say that an innings like that will never happen again.

15-year-old Pranav Dhanawade on Tuesday morning resumed his innings 652 not out. He already broke the record of Arthur Collins, who scored 628 in 1899, on the first day. On the second day he, reached 921 runs just before the lunch in an HT Bhandari Cup, hosted by Mumbai Cricket Association. He completed the decuple after the lunch. He was unbeaten on 1009 off 327 balls as his team declared for 1465 runs for 3 wickets.

Pranav exhibited his temperament and class, but there are a few areas of concern which need to be scrutinised.

The match Pranav played held between Dhanawade’s School team and another Mumbai School, Arya Gurukul. However, according to the opposition coach, “The boys playing for my team were actually from U-14 and most of them playing for the first time. My U-16 team players who were supposed to participate could not come as the principal could not release them due to 10th exams. The boys were under prepared. In fact, such was the impact of his shots that they could not put a hand to the ball.”

Arya Gurukul, who came to bat first before bowled out for 31 runs in 20 overs. Pranav’s school KC Gandhi rattled Arya Gurukul boys. In the second innings as well they were bowled out for 33. The match apparently was against an unbalanced team.  The match has also put a question mark on the match official as how could he allow to happen it when Arya Gurukul toddlers were playing for the first time.

15 runs per over run were scored against a group of players who were two years younger than the other team. So, how to umpire could let it go. The match has sacrificed to happen with a risk of life-threatening injury in the wake of Pranav’s quick-fire batting to the hard cricket ball.

The scoreboard is also not trustworthy. How would it look if you count? Overnight Pranav was reported to have scored 652 runs from 199 balls, including 78 fours and 30 sixes. An astounding batting indeed. So, resuming the second day he scored to 921 before the lunch. As lunch, he got over he reached the mark of 1000 off 323 balls. His team announced the innings for 1465 runs, which was also a world record in terms of highest innings total. Pranav finished his batting unbeaten for 1009 off 327 balls. The scorecard, which was scribbled on a paper, showed Pranav hit total 129 fours and 59 sixes.

Just a minute, look at this simple mathematics. Add overnight score 652 with an additional 51 fours and 29 sixes. Now if you sum it up; you will find the result 1030*. So, this is a pure blunder made by the scorer. This bizarre scorecard showed either the scorer written the scoreboard as per wish along the innings or Pranav was deprived of 21 runs.

Meanwhile, the video footage off innings did not show any big hitting when his strike rate show more than three hundred. Pranav innings were filled with blocks, nudges and nurdles. It is difficult to imagine how it could be possible when 87 percent runs came in boundaries. However, it could happen that the video footage missed the most part of Pranav’s innings.

Whatever it is, Pranav has scripted a phenomenal achievement. But, is it really something special to celebarte him as a hero for? Bashing a bunch of U-14 debutants, who were half his size.

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