Shame: Sex, racism, corruption darken Bulgarian cricket!

Sudipta Biswas / 07 May 2016

It’s a shame for Bulgarian cricket! Sex, racism, corruption have darkened the cricket in Bulgaria. A Bulgarian tv channel’s sting operation revealed the most unnerving news the Bulgarian cricket could ever get.

In a video by a tv channel, the President of Bulgarian Cricket Federation(BCF) Nikolay Kolev was seen offering sex for better marks to a student while holding the post of a lecturer in the National Sports Academy (NSA). NSA is one of the prime institutes of Bulgaria for one to build a career in sports.

After the video leaked, Kolev has been sacked from his post in NSA, International Cricket Council (ICC) is yet to make any statement. An ICC official told, “As police are investigating the incident, at this point we can’t make any comment relating to the allegations”.

Formed in 2002, the BCF were given the Affiliate membership in the year 2008. Their annual budget sum is around € 33000. A big portion of this amount is provided by ICC . A source in BCF revealed, “They do nothing, absolutely nothing with this amount of money, and at the end of the year, they say that they have spent the money.”

The other major issue that is affecting Bulgaria cricket is racism. “Coaches in the past have made very ugly and racial abuse to players from India and Pakistan. Five or six years ago, Kolev and the people around him were absolutely clear when they told me that no one from the ‘blacks’ will have any influence in the future of Bulgarian cricket. Indeed, no one (from a sub-continent background) has an important position in the BCF,” source said.