Shane Warne calls for innovation of Test cricket

Krishna Chopra / 28 November 2015

Australian spin wizard and all time great Shane Warne has said that test cricket needs to be innovated, in order to remain popular among the masses. Warne said that the pink ball was a huge success, and more day and night test matches should be scheduled. Warne also opined that four day test matches should be played, with 100 overs everyday.

Warne spoke on a variety of issues such as the toss being kept away and also increasing the number of minutes in a day’s play. In his post on Facebook, Warne summarized his opinion in four points.

1) Test matches should last four days, with 100 overs bowled per day.

2) Each day should have two 30 minute breaks, and overall playing time should be extended by 30 minutes.

3) There should be no toss in Test cricket. Instead, the away captain should choose whether he wants to bat or bowl. This, according to Warne, would stop pitches being prepared to benefit the home  team.

4) The Duke ball should be used in every country because it swings and seams more, while the white Kookaburra should be used in ODI and T20s.


He recently spoke to a radio channel about the same and said, “I reckon it’s time for four-day Test cricket. I would make it four-day Test cricket, 100 overs a day, I’d have two half-hour breaks rather than a 40-minute lunch break and a 20-minute tea break, [and] I’d extend it by about half an hour to get those 100 overs in. I think that’s going to be more appealing for people and it’s worth a try. The day-night Test match is fantastic. It’s worth a go, and I don’t like to hear that people are trying to pick out the little pieces in it before it has even happened. Let’s see how it goes.”

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