Shane Warne feels more countries should participate in the World Cup

Krishna Chopra / 12 November 2015

The primary objective of the All Stars League was to promote the game of cricket and globalize the sport as a whole. After the second fixture of the All Stars League, Shane Warne said that he wants to see more countries participating in the World Cup. Warne said that increasing the number of nations in the World Cup was the only way to globalize the game.

“We all think it’s a global game and would love everyone to play the game of cricket,” Warne said. “All we can do is do our part,” he said. “And that’s why we’re here in America playing the game of cricket and trying to promote the game of cricket as best we possibly can. We would love to see all the countries play in a World Cup but at the end of the day, the ICC are trying to do the best they can by the game of cricket.”

“America only just missed out on the last T20 World Cup. So hopefully we can see America playing in a World Cup down the track and maybe one of these kids or some of these guys that we’ve coached in New York or Houston or maybe in LA, we might see them in one of the World Cups down the track and that would be absolutely fantastic,” Warne said.


Speaking about the All Stars League, Warne said, “I think all of the players enjoyed the facilities at the stadium here. As an annual event, we’d love to come back to America every year. All of us, everywhere we’ve been so far, we’ve been welcomed. I think everyone, the amount of those who’ve said thank you for bringing cricket to America. It’s our pleasure to be here, to have us in this great country and for all the players to be playing. Whether we come back to Houston? We hope we can because we’ve been treated wonderfully well here.”

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