Revealed: Shane Warne’s ‘wild sex romp’ with Adelaide woman

Shashi / 20 January 2015

Former Australian mystery spinner Shane Warne is once again in news for all incorrect reasons. Shane Warne, known for his love affairs is reported to have had a shabby run in with a 43 years old single mother living in Adelaide, whom she met on ‘Tinder’ dating app.

The mother of two child Kim McGrath has ‘sold’ her tale to the Woman’s Day magazine where she described her “wild sex romp” with the cricket legend According to The Courier Mail

Kim told the magazine that she was quite new to the app when she came across Shane Warne’s profile on 9th December. She was quoted saying: “I thought it was hilarious he was on Tinder … I didn’t really think it was him. He’s very strong in the bedroom. He asked me to keep them [her high heels] on while he spanked me. From the outset I thought it was a joke — my friend and I were rolling about laughing when I sent the message and I didn’t really believe it was Shane Warne until he walked in my door.  I was blown away that it really was him.”

Kim wanted to check it was Shane Warne himself, and they went on two dates and also had “one wild romp” in a hotel room in Adelaide. Kim described Shane Warne as “one of the best lovers” she ever had and the former mystery spinner asking her is she was “up for being devoured.


Respect, honesty, trust & your word is all you have. Living your life valuing these principals is so important… Shame not everyone does !

— Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne) January 20, 2015


Shane Warne was surely disappointed and disheartened with the tale being leaked as he took to twitter to show his disappointment. Sharne Warne wanted the affair to stay between the two. Recently, ShaneWarne clarified that he was single. He also mentioned he has no girlfriend.

Image Credit: talksport


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