Angry player poisons his sister after umpire's no-ball decision

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Shocking! Miffed by umpire’s decision, angry player poisons his sister 

Shocking! Miffed by umpire’s decision, angry player poisons his sister
**NOTE** - Steve Davis was not the man who made the decision, it is just a reference image
In a bizarre incident, a girl was poisoned after her brother gave an “unfair decision” in a local match in Jarara, 20 km from Aligarh.

The town was hosting a Indian Premier League like tournament, Jarara Premier League from May 14 to May 30. The tournament began as scheduled and things were going fine till one of the umpires, Raj Kumar, in a match on May 28 called a “no ball” at a crucial moment in the game between Jarara and Bariki.

sister poisoned

Miffed at the decision, one of the players named Sandeep Pal, asked the umpire to reverse the decision only to see the umpire sticking with his decision.The umpire’s stand infuriated Sandeep and he warned the umpire of grave consequences. But Kumar did not pay any heed to the threats. Little did he know that the threat was real.

On May 29, Pal met Kumar’s sister who was accompanied by her three friends.Pal offered them cold drinks laced with deadly poison in order to take revenge from Kumar. Since they knew Pal, they didn’t suspect anything and accepted the drinks. Pooja collapsed moments after taking the drink and died while her three friends are battling for life in a hospital.

Pradhan of Jarara,Rattan Pal Rawal was distraught after the incident and said that he tried his best to stop the tournament from being played.

“I always knew it was a bad idea to hold such a cricket tournament here. My fears have come true.

“We resisted the formation of this JPL from the very beginning because these people don’t know what sportsmanship is. They are touchy and violent. See what has happened in the first season itself.”

Echoing Rattan Pal Rawal’s sentiments, Bobby Khan, president of the JPL Khair Cricket Committee also said that the tournament  was organised after a lot of resistance and on the condition that no one would take matters into their own hands if any conflict takes place.

“Give them a bat and they will swing it on each other’s face ” Bobby Khan, president of the JPL Khair Cricket Committee, said, “This (JPL) was formed after much resistance. We had met the zila panchayat members, the pradhan and other elders before formally inaugurating it this month. One of the conditions was that in case of a dispute no one would take matters into their own hands. But that’s not what happens here, does it?”

Station officer at Khair, Sukhdev Yadav, said the death of Pooja is being investigated. “Four girls were given poison as they set out for their fields,” the officer confirmed.
“While one of them has died, the three others have been referred from the local hospital to a bigger one in Aligarh. From the site of the incident, we found another bottle that had a potent insecticide in it. We will get to the bottom of this in a few days.”

Meanwhile, Ravi Kumar is devastated after the incident and has decided that he would not referee any match in future.

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