Pakistan’s security has been questioned for quite a few number of times in the recent past and there has been many incidences where security measures were breached and people were attacked. Also cricketers were victims of it as in 2009 Sri Lankan cricketers were attacked. For once again, the same thing has been repeated. But on this time, former Pakistan cricket captain, Imran Khan was attacked.

Imran Khan was shot while he was in a rally in the city of Gujranwala. Reports said that the former cricketer was in his vehicle and his vehicle was attacked by loyalists during an anti-government march driven by him to the Capital.

Imran Khan stated that they were attacked by stones and also bullets were aimed at them. Imran Khan’s spokeswoman stated of the fact that Imran Khan was not injured but his vehicle was hit several times.

The apparent incident had occurred when Mr. Imran Khan and cleric Tahir ul-Qadri led tens of thousands of protesters to Islamabad as the pair were planning to stage a sit-in in the capital of Pakistan until Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigns.

The convoy set off from the eastern city of Lahore, around 190 miles (300km) from Islamabad, on Thursday.

For yet another time, the security measures in Pakistan has come to be questioned. And by the attack made on the former cricketer and all-rounder, Imran Khan, Pakistan’s hopes for hosting international matches in the near future will be delayed after this incident for sure as this will be alarming enough for the entire cricketing world. This will also provide a hint that security measures have not been improved much as even the legendary Pakistan all-rounder was attacked. And this will also provide significant amount of effect on ICC’s thoughts of organizing international matches in Pakistan in the next year.


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