Former Australian opener Simon Katich recounts the memory of fracas dressing room incident between him and Michael Clarke in Sydney Test in 2009.

Clarke wanted to leave the dressing room when the entire team set for the national anthem. Clarke had a dating with his then girlfriend Lara Bingle. Earlier it was known that Katich has told something to Clarke about his then girlfriend, Lara Bingle. But, Katich said, “she had nothing to do with it from my point of view.”

Katich, a cricket pundit for ABC Radio, recount the incident today morning, when came attend Melbourne Cricket Club’s Women in Cricket breakfast on Sunday. Mediator of the programme Angela Pippos spent the first 13 minutes on the key aspects of Katich’s career.

Pippos joked about the dressing room incident with Clarke. But, she is afraid of Clarke. However, a smiling Katich offered a reassuring, “Nah, your are all right. He is not standing behind you. Then you would be in trouble.”

Katich absolutely snubbed the previous notion  that the incident had happened due to Bingle, Clarke’s then fiancee. He pardoned as Bingle’s name got involved in the incident without a concrete  reason.

“Lara Bingle has undeservedly copped a lot of flak over that. It wasn’t her fault at all. She had nothing to do with it from my point of view,” he said. “A lot was made that it was about the song. It did happen because of the song, but it wasn’t entirely about the song being sung . . . it was more about what Michael said to me that night.”  Given the consistently upbeat nature of the breakfast, Katich declined to go into detail what made him so aggrieved.

He said he does not regret as he had grabbed Clarke throat but the repercussion of that.

“The hardest part about the whole affair was that it took me a month to get the fake tan off my hand,” Katich said, to the delight of the 440-strong crowd that had already been charmed by his 25-minute address.

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