The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Shaharyar Khan has revealed that some players in the national team are not keen on playing with banned pacer Mohammad Amir again. 

During an interview, Shaharyar Khan was quoted in saying:

What the former players are saying about allowing him to return to international cricket holds weight and we have got murmurings from the dressing room as well that some players are not comfortable about playing with him again.”

Shahayar also mentioned that Board doesn’t want to rush Amir back into the national squad and will wait for the process the ICC has for Amir for his return. 

Our point is clear…no decision has been taken on allowing him back into the national team. At the moment we are following a process of the International Cricket Council to allow him back into domestic cricket before his ban ends as per the revised anti-corruption code. 

“We don’t want to rush things in this case and we will first see what happens if he gets permission to resume playing domestic cricket,” he said


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