Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has confirmed that he doesn’t have an account on instagram and the one running on his name is fake. Many considered that profile to be Ganguly’s because of the fact that the account was verified. It has to be questioned on how can a profile be verified when it’s fake.

This is the link of the fake profile

Ganguly confirmed this to the editor of AajTak.

Recently, there have been few posts related to the ongoing cricket series. In one post, the fake user came in defence of MS Dhoni and questioned others who have been blaming him for the defeat in the series. In the other post, Kohli was rated above Tendulkar and VVS Laxman.



It will be interesting to see if Ganguly drages the creator of this fake account to court. Moreover, Instagram might also have to look on how they verified this fake profile as one of Sourav Ganguly

Here are the posts




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