South Africa Play With a ‘Clean Slate’, Keen to Avoid the ‘Choke’ at World Cup 2015: Coach Russell Domingo

Shashi / 16 March 2015

Russell Domingo, South Africa cricket coach insisted his team had faced up to their undesired tag of cricket’s serial “chokers” ahead of an International Cricket Council World Cup quarter-final with Sri Lanka on Wednesday in Sydney.  

When Domingo was asked about South Africa’s habit of ‘choking’ in crunch matches, he replied that it has been part of South African cricket for some time, every time they get to these events it is going to be questioned.  

They have spoken about it, they have faced the fact that in the past they have let chances slip by them. Probably, they have learnt from the mistakes that previous teams have made at World Cup.  

He further said that they want to avoid that happening to them. But at the end of the day, they just want to play good cricket if the chances arises.  

Domingo said that they know they have come there with a clean slate. They come here knowing that if they play to the best of their capabilities, they have got a good opportunity of winning on Wednesday.

Despite bragging some of the world’s most classic one day cricketers during the past two decades, the South Africans have not won a knockout match at the International Cricket Council World Cup since being permitted into the 1992 version ahead of the end of apartheid.

That tournament saw proteas lose in the semi-finals to England at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) after the rain rule in use at the time left them with the irrational job of scoring 22 runs off one delivery.

The now 40 years old Russell Domingo at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on Monday that he was in secondary school, he was 16 years old. There is nothing they can do about what happened in 1992, all their energy is concentrated on what they need to do leading into this match.

South Africa lost in the International Cricket Council World Cup quarter-finals in 1996 and went out on tournament net run-rate after a tie with ultimate champions Australia in an exhilarating semi-final in 1999.

The South Africa have again used the services of South Africa-born explorer Mike Horn in a bid to ease the pressure on their team.

Domingo said that he has done a lot scarier things in the world than facing Dale Steyn or Morne Morkel, he has done some utmost things.

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