Sri Lanka Cricket sacks 3 officials involved in alleged sex scandal

Shashi / 28 May 2015

The Sri Lankan Cricket board was in turmoil after the recent scandal involving officials misbehaving with the player of the national women’s cricket team.

The SLC has released a statement announcing the sacking of three officials of the board who were allegedly involved in the sex scandal. These officials were charged with misappropriate behavior and also on the ground of asking sexual favors in return for a place in the national squad.

Three officials two of whom were found guilty and the other charged for improper conduct were sacked officially said that there was no physical evidence to support the matte. However they explained that there were allegations previously of the three men, none of whom were named, of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct.

The sports ministry added that this was an offence punishable by the Sri Lankan Law and that the punishment may be up-to 5 years of imprisonment and an unspecified fine.

The Board said that both its own report and the report by an inquiry into the matter revealed that there was a lot of bias involved in the women cricket team and that it has highlighted the inability of the board to appoint a female manager for the women team.

Sri Lanka’s Children’s Minister Rosy Senanayake who is closely following the incident said that it was a shameful incident and that all such acts should be stopped for good. She also demanded that the perpetrators should be brought to justice.

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