When the name of this team and his owner comes up for discussion, the team is popular not only due to a brand of cricket they play on the field but also the huge fan following that the franchise owner, Shah Rukh Khan! He is a superstar in India and thus is loved by almost each and every person.

He is also one of the most passionate owners. SRK, being a sports fan himself takes much interest in the game. His passion can be seen as he supports his team a lot by being present at various venues and people have adored that. His celebrations on the field after KKR’s wins has been a trademark, either his cartwheels or his dance moves or his rampant growls are iconic.

With the start of IPL 2017, KKR has again come up with some top-notch performances; winning 4 out of 5 matches is already topping the league tables.

But in the first couple of seasons, it was speculated that SRK was intervening in team meetings a little too much. This was when KKR were not performing to their potential.

But skipper, Gautam Gambhir has come out and declared that the Bollywood star gives freedom to the management and the senior players to take calls regarding all cricketing matters.

“There was a lot of talks initially that SRK involves too much into these team meetings and decision making but this is my seventh year, I have never had a single input from the team’s point of view from Shah Rukh,” Gambhir told Harsha Bhogle during a video interview for Cricbuzz.

“Honestly, we have never ever discussed cricket together. Because I still remember, once he told me that if someone tells me how to act I would really get angry with him. So I can’t tell people what to do when you guys are there. You guys take all the cricketing calls,” Gambhir added.

Though he is not much seen this season at venues as he is busy out of India with some shoots, but will join to shout out for his team in later part of the season!

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