Every batsmen is a king at their home surface but it takes real talent to score runs overseas. At the place where opponents bowlers have grown up bowling. But there have been quiet a few batsmen who have been able to score centuries at times when other batsmen of their teams have failed. 

Here is a collection of stats that will guide you on the Top four visiting batsmen who have scored the most number of centuries in England –

4) Gordon Greenidge (WI) – With 6 centuries in England, this West Indian batsmen of the 1970’s and 80’s is fourth on the list. Greenidge used to enjoy batting in England. 

3) Rahul Dravid (India) – 6 centuries is what the Wall has managed to score in his career in test matches while playing at England. Dravid has had quiet a few memorable innings. With his best score being 217 in England. Rahul Dravid’s 6 centuries in England is also the highest among all Indians in any visiting country.

2) Steve Waugh (Aus) – 7 centuries in 6 test matches is what Steve Waugh has managed in England. 177* is Steve Waugh best score in England.

1) Don Bradman (Aus) – When it comes to centuries against England, who else apart from this legend could top the list. With 11 centuries and a highest score of 334 Don Bradman also tops the list of batsmen to score most number of centuries in a visiting country. 


Other batsmens with 5 centuries in England – Allan Border (Aus), Vivian Richards (WI), Warren Bardsley (Aus), Mark Taylor (Aus), Graeme Smith (SA), Gary Sobbers (WI).

Thinking where Sachin stands in this list? Well he has scored 4 centuries in England. Hence couldn’t make it. 


Name Team No. of Centuries
Gordon Greenidge West Indies 6
Rahul Dravid India 6
Steve Waugh Australia 7
Don Brandman Australia 11

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