Here is stat that will clearly say that the defending champions Mumbai Indians have always had an upper hand against the Kolkata Knight Riders. Both these teams have faced each other 12 times and Mumbai Indians have emerged winners with the ratio being 5:1. But off the victories it has often been Sachin Tendulkar who has led the team to victory (3 occasions of 10 wins), this can be a good news as the Master Blaster won’t be playing for the Mumbai Indians any more. 
16 April, 2014 will be a new day with a new ground and many new players in the team. Hence, there is something for the Knights to jump back and get this stats right. If they are able to win the Indian Premier League – 7 opener, then they would send out a strong message to other teams by beating the defending champs. Whereas if MI win this one with a good margin, then others teams might have to look out for the champs as they are back and they mean business.
But of the 12 encounters between these two teams it has been Mumbai Indians who have emerged as the winners 10 times and and Kolkata Knight Riders have only managed 2 wins.
Stat Updated till 15 April, 2014
MoM: Man of the Match
Mumbai (BS) – Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai

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