Stuart MacGill, the former Australian leg spinner has launched a $2.6 million legal action against Cricket Australia. MacGill feels that Cricket Australia is due to pay him the amount as a compensation to his injury.

According to Stuart MacGill, he missed the tours in 2008 due to injuries , which were actually a result of of his old injuries while playing cricket at the highest level till 2006. MacGill added that Cricket Australia broke the terms of the contract by not paying him for the injuries for a term of around 104 weeks.

The compensation demanded by MacGill includes $846,090 , for the 15 Test matches he missed due to the injury he had.  $104,800, for the allowance in the tours ,$627,000 for annual retainer payments and $27,000 for the prizes.

MacGill was an under rated spinner, partly because of the presence of Shane Warne , and was the leader of the spin attack after the retirement of Shane Warne but he retired soon after Warne announced his retirement , leaving Cricket Australia to search for other options.

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