It has been a day where the controversies of the last IPL 6 were revived. The Supreme Court on Monday, refused the urgent hearing in the case of N Srinivasan. Srinivasan, earlier requested to for an urgent hearing on account of the vacation of the court. The hearing was to be done on N Srinivasan regarding his taking up the post of the chairman of the ICC executive board. 

It was officially declared by a bench headed by Justice Vikramjit Sen on Monday that there is no urgency in the hearing and it will be done after the vacation. 

The court had to hear an application which was filed by the mighty Cricket Association of Bihar, alleging of the fact that Srinivasan, against whom the apex court had ordered for inquiry, must not be allowed to take up the ICC Post. 

It was ordered by the apex court to a probe on May 16th, headed by Justice Mukul Mudgal and his committee against Srinivasan and as many as 12 prominent players who were suspected to involved actively in IPL betting and in spot-fixing scandals. 

The court had asked the panel to file a report in a sealed envelope against the corrupt suspected Srinivasan and had also asked to submit it and also asked Srinivasan to step aside from the post of BCCI President till the August or till the tenure of the probe. 

Previously, N Srinivasan empowered over the court and had moved the court to seek modification of its earlier ODIs and also allow him to stay as the BCCI President in the interim for non-IPL activities. The plea was turned down. 

On reply to it, the court claimed that it cannot modify the orders which were being passed by another bench and also asked Srinivisan to approach the bench from whom, the verdict was being delivered. Time will let us know about further details in the case.

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