Former Indian Wicket-keeper Syed Kirmani has said that it’s not far way when Ten1o ( a 10 over per side cricket match) will be there in the International calendar. He added that this will make the game even more interesting. He recalled the time when only Test cricket was being played, after which 60 overs, followed by 50 overs and now even T20s are being played.

Kirmani added that the other 3 formats will continue to grow, but 10 overs a side match will also become a part of it. The main reason, he feels is the commercialisation of the game, which is good as per him.

Kirmani also recalled that during his time, the main focus was on playing and following the copy book technique, which has now shifted to winning matches and not bothering about how you win. But he added that players who have better techinique lasts longer in the International arena and gets more appreciation. 

Kirmani then went on to talk about the changes that has come in cricket. Be it the use of technology, introduction of coaches, support staff, money and glamour. Comparing it with his era, he said that it’s like heaven and earth difference.

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