Team India: is the future really bright?

Raj / 11 July 2015

Well the millions of fans in this cricket mad country are currently facing a deeply shocking situation. Although the signals of the concurrent declining trend were clearly visible when prior to the tour of Australia, followed by the World cup, many of the sports writers had shown apprehensions about the capabilities of the Indian bowling attack. They were particularly concerned over the weak Indian bowling attack on the fast tracks of Australia and New Zealand. The whole world knows that our weakness got exposed in that tour. Even the hardcore and most dedicated supporters were not sure of Team India lifting the World Cup. For many of them, it became matter of a big relief that India somehow managed to reach semis.

Obviously during many reviews after the World Cup, while analyzing the performance of our bowlers in Australia and New Zealand, it was claimed that our boys did not have enough exposure to strike on the fast tracks out there. Also it was highlighted that the exposure gained out of that tour will prove very fruitful. Also many of the authors tried to justify by claiming that Australia and New Zealand had advantage of playing in their back yard, as such, they prove to be far better teams. So far, so good But then what happened in their last tour of Bangladesh? India is known to be a very strong contingent, claimed to be capable of reaching the top spot in all the three formats of the game.  After their dismal show in Bangladesh, all sort of excuses cropped up, owing the defeat to fatigue, restlessness, pressure etc.

But, perhaps no one has bothered to notice that the following causes the damage.

1)      Inconsistency

2)      Lack of Team spirit

3)      Totally missing killing instinct

4)      Missing good partnerships

5)      Lack of understanding and co-ordination on field resulting in missing robust performance

6)      Selection of some non performing players owing to seniority

7)      Last but not the least, the ineffective coaches

All these above reasons resulted in low self esteem, missing self confidence and above all having low morale with just one intention to secure the place in the team. One cannot even imagine how to win a war with such a mentality.

All the above factors, clubbed with losing the toss by tem India on very crucial stages did contribute in restricting the performance during away tour but what happened in Bangladesh is beyond any explanation.

 Now in the first encounter against Zimbabwe, team India could barely achieved a face saving.

Perhaps too much of stardom, money, celebrity status, and option available to earn money by performing in the IPL have proved to be the cause of the steep downfall.

I have refrained myself from pin pointing individual responsibility, formation and backing of groups in the dressing room and lack of opportunities for youngsters on regular basis, but the sad part remained unanswered! When will our administrators wake up before it is too late. They should be aware of just one hard core ground reality that he unabated support that has been given to our cricketers is purely  based on the very fact that we all have a strong bonding with the game founded on a very sentimental and emotional foundation. The moment the trust is broken, the whole structure will crash. Let us prevent that situation as the time is running out—FAST!!



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