After the defeat India received at the hands of West Indies , India now also hold an unwanted record , being the team which has conceded more than 300 runs on most occasions since October 2012. India has played 52 matches since October 2012 and out of these 52 ones, India has conceded a score of more than 300 on 13 occasions. A part of it do goes to the fact that India plays more matches on flat tracks but India has also conceded such scores in South Africa and New Zealand.

Australia is the team next to India , conceding it on 7 occasions in 35 matches , and then followed by England. England is then followed by Pakistan , South Africa and Sri Lanka. West Indies are the best placed side among all the Test playing nations , in this parameter.

Here is the full list:



Matches Played


Matches conceding more than 300 runs
India 52 13
Australia 35 7
England 39 6
Pakistan  44 5
South Africa 40 5
Sri Lanka 54 5
Banglandesh 27 4
New Zealand 31 3
West Indies 40 3

Note: Stats since October 2012 to October 9, 2014

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